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Milena Kühnau

Artist Statement

I am an installation and environmental artist, mixed media painter, and photographer. Nature catalyzes my work, and my process welcomes and facilitates the unexpected. I am convinced that even the most insignificant object has qualities worthy of attention. My work questions habitual understanding of how an object is valued or used. I like to assign a new quality to an object – to discover what is vivid, unexpected, or irregular – by revealing items in a new context, mixing materials, and experimenting with light, structure, and place.

Travel and ambiance inform my work. I am in constant communicative exchange with my environment, listening and engaging with social and elemental currents. For me, making art is like breathing; it is an instinctive and vital process. My art is about life, which includes inhumanity as well as beauty, the unforeseen and the repetitive. Always it reveals my longing to understand, in the words of Goethe, “What holds the world together in its inmost folds.”


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