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Town Coffee time Nature - Object collage
Bitumen milenarts-215 Monotypes
Miscellaneous milenarts-orchid

Painting / Mixed media

I primarily investigate what the medium can express. I examine what it hides and what options it offers besides the obvious. I’m driven by curiosity and fascination. Therefore, my favorite medium is what makes me curious. I use paint, paper, natural materials, acrylic binder, bitumen, sand, coffee, wool and found objects. For painting surfaces, I prefer those showing traces of wear, which have kind of a history. When different materials interact, each brings in its own history and context, thus enriching the process and the results.

Each material speaks its own language. I can discover, question, and transform it; integrate it into my art and use it to bring to light a theme – a theme hidden until the moment of its revelation through this process.

Using different kinds of materials allows me to constantly find new ways to express myself. I’m inspired to incorporate new, exciting materials that surprise me with their own inherent information that guides me through the process of developing the piece.

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